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;;;; go-hello-world.lisp
(in-package #:go-hello-world)
(defmacro with-temp-kernel ((nb-workers &key wait (name "hello-world"))
&body body)
"Execute BODY with a temporary lparallel *kernel*, then ends it."
(let ((lp:*kernel* (lp:make-kernel ,nb-workers :name ,name)))
(progn ,@body)
(lp:end-kernel :wait ,wait)))))
(defmacro with-temp-channel ((nb-workers channel-name &key wait) &body body)
"Execute BODY with a temporary lparallel *kernel* of a single channel,
then ends the kernel."
`(with-temp-kernel (,nb-workers :wait ,wait)
(let ((,channel-name (lp:make-channel)))
(defun say-hello (helloq worldq n)
(dotimes (i n)
(format t "Hello ")
(lq:push-queue :say-world worldq)
(lq:pop-queue helloq))
(lq:push-queue :quit worldq))
(defun say-world (helloq worldq)
(when (eq (lq:pop-queue worldq) :say-world)
(format t "World!~%")
(lq:push-queue :say-hello helloq)
(say-world helloq worldq)))
(defun hello-world (n)
(with-temp-channel (2 chan :wait t)
(let* ((helloq (lq:make-queue))
(worldq (lq:make-queue)))
(lp:submit-task chan #'say-world helloq worldq)
(lp:submit-task chan #'say-hello helloq worldq n)
(lp:receive-result chan)
(lp:receive-result chan))))