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= pg_staging TODO
What's next, doc?
== Ongoing stuff
* new pitr command: restore from PITR (base backup + wal archives)
== Important stuff
* add examples now that the local setup is no more part of the distribution
== Fixes and glitches
* at drop time, check for existing backends once pgbouncer is paused and
terminate them
* add support for loading contrib scripts
* londiste command should target latest restored database by default
* londiste command sometimes fails to do anything, debug
== Convenience stuff
* Implement log_min_messages and client_min_messages and a logfile, for
cases when you regret you were not using VERBOSE mode, and maybe some
command to $PAGER the file (show log, catlog, log, logless, ...)
* Add a copy schema command
* Add a rename schema command
* Add a post-shell command
== Some ideas
* better "full size" scripting +#! /usr/bin/pg_staging+
cat script.pgs | pg_staging
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