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;;; pgdevenv.el --- Manage your PostgreSQL development envs
;; Copyright (C) 2012 Dimitri Fontaine
;; Author: Dimitri Fontaine <>
;; GIT:
;; Version: 1.1
;; Created: 2012-09-28
;; Keywords: emacs postgresql development environment shell debug gdb
;; Licence: WTFPL, grab your copy here:
;; This file is NOT part of GNU Emacs.
(require 'cl) ; of course.
(defgroup pgdev nil
"Run several PostgreSQL development versions"
:group 'comm)
(defcustom pgdev-cc-path "/usr/bin/gcc"
"Local path leading to `gcc' or your other favorite C compiler"
:group 'pgdev)
(defcustom pgdev-ccache-path "/usr/bin/ccache"
"Local path leading to `ccache'"
:group 'pgdev)
(defcustom pgdev-gdb-path "/usr/bin/gdb"
"Local path leading to `gdb'"
:group 'pgdev)
(defcustom pgdev-make-extra-options "-s -j 4"
"Extra options to give make for"
:group 'pgdev)
(defcustom pgdev-configure-option-list
"PostgreSQL ./configure options, --prefix is automatically prepended"
:group 'pgdev)
(defcustom pgdev-clone-root "~/dev/PostgreSQL"
"Top directory where to `git clone` the PostgreSQL development branches"
:group 'pgdev)
(defcustom pgdev-install-root "~/pgsql"
"Top directory where to `make install` the PostgreSQL development branches"
:group 'pgdev)
(defcustom pgdev-initdb-encoding "utf-8"
"PostgreSQL cluster encoding"
:group 'pgdev)
(defcustom pgdev-initdb-locale "en_US"
"PostgreSQL cluster encoding"
:group 'pgdev)
(defcustom pgdev-logfile-root "/tmp"
"directory where to store the logs"
:group 'pgdev)
(defcustom pgdev-my-git-url ""
"URL of the your own repository"
:group 'pgdev)
(defcustom pgdev-pg-git-url "git://"
"URL of the PostgreSQL upstream repository (or your mirror of it)"
:group 'pgdev)
(defcustom pgdev-my-branches
'(("ddl" "postgres" "master" "54393"))
"Deveopper owned branches"
:group 'pgdev)
(defcustom pgdev-pg-branches
'(("9.2" "pg9.2" "REL9_2_STABLE" "54392")
("9.1" "pg9.1" "REL9_1_STABLE" "54391")
("9.0" "pg9.0" "REL9_0_STABLE" "54390")
("8.4" "pg8.4" "REL8_4_STABLE" "54384")
("8.3" "pg8.3" "REL8_3_STABLE" "54383"))
:group 'pgdev)
(define-prefix-command 'pgdev-map)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c -") 'pgdev-map)
(define-key pgdev-map (kbd "n") 'pgdev-open-shell) ; n is for new (shell)
(define-key pgdev-map (kbd "-") 'pgdev-open-shell))
;; Basics, must have
(defun pgdev-read-branch-name ()
"Interactively read a branch name with completion"
(let* ((branches
(loop for (name branch port) in (append pgdev-my-branches
collect name)))
(completing-read "PostgreSQL branch: " branches)))
(defun pgdev-get-full-details (branch)
"From given BRANCH name, return (NAME BRANCH PORT URL)"
(let* ((my (assoc branch pgdev-my-branches))
(pg (assoc branch pgdev-pg-branches)))
(destructuring-bind (url name dir branch port)
(if my (cons pgdev-my-git-url my)
(cons pgdev-pg-git-url pg))
(list name dir branch port url))))
(defun pgdev-get-bin-dir (branch)
"We assume that install prefix directory is branch name"
(expand-file-name (format "%s/bin" branch) pgdev-install-root))
(defun pgdev-duplicate-path (p1 p2)
"Trick duplicate test into pruning path to different prefixes"
;; now the comparison
(or (string= p1 p2)
(and (string= p1 pgbin) (member p2 all-pgbins))
(and (string= p2 pgbin) (member p1 all-pgbins))))
(defun pgdev-set-path (branch)
"Reset PATH to the right value for given BRANCH"
;; we rely on dynamic binding of pgbin in pgdev-duplicate-path
(let* ((pgbin (pgdev-get-bin-dir branch))
(entries (split-string (getenv "PATH") ":"))
;; name dir git-branch port, avoid name clashes though
(loop for (n d b p) in (append pgdev-my-branches
unless (string= n branch)
collect (expand-file-name (format "%s/bin" n)
(loop with np
for entry in (cons pgbin entries)
unless (or (member entry np)
(member entry others-pgbin-list))
collect entry into np
finally return np)))
(setenv "PATH" (mapconcat 'identity newpath ":"))))
(defun pgdev-open-shell (branch)
"Open a shell for given branch"
(interactive (list (pgdev-read-branch-name)))
(let* ((cwd (expand-file-name branch pgdev-install-root))
(pgdata (expand-file-name "data" cwd))
(buf (format "*Shell: PostgreSQL %s*" branch)))
(destructuring-bind (branch dir git-branch port url)
(pgdev-get-full-details branch)
;; branch working directory
(let* ((bwd (expand-file-name dir pgdev-clone-root))
(default-directory (file-name-as-directory bwd)))
;; create the target branch working directory if necessary
(unless (file-directory-p bwd) (mkdir bwd 'parents))
;; Set the Environment prior to starting the shell
(setenv "PAGER" "/bin/cat")
(setenv "PGDATA" pgdata)
(setenv "PGPORT" port)
(setenv "CC" (format "%s %s" pgdev-ccache-path pgdev-cc-path))
(pgdev-set-path branch)
;; now start the shell, then set some buffer-local variables
(with-current-buffer (shell buf)
;; add some keymap entries
(define-key pgdev-map (kbd "c") 'pgdev-insert-configure)
(define-key pgdev-map (kbd "g") 'pgdev-insert-git-clone)
(define-key pgdev-map (kbd "s") 'pgdev-insert-pgctl-start)
(define-key pgdev-map (kbd "S") 'pgdev-insert-pgctl-stop)
(define-key pgdev-map (kbd "r") 'pgdev-install-and-restart)
(define-key pgdev-map (kbd "R") 'pgdev-reinitdb)
(define-key pgdev-map (kbd "D") 'pgdev-debug)
(define-key pgdev-map (kbd "d") 'pgdev-debug-this-psql)
(define-key pgdev-map (kbd "f") 'pgdev-edit-config)
(define-key pgdev-map (kbd "m") 'pgdev-make)
(define-key pgdev-map (kbd "M") 'pgdev-maintainer-clean-rebuild)
;; make local buffer variables to ease coding the keymap entries
(let ((pgdev-current-prefix cwd)
(pgdev-current-pgdata pgdata)
(expand-file-name dir pgdev-clone-root))
(pgdev-current-branch branch)
(pgdev-current-git-branch git-branch)
(pgdev-current-port port)
(pgdev-current-url url))
(make-local-variable 'pgdev-current-prefix)
(make-local-variable 'pgdev-current-pgdata)
(make-local-variable 'pgdev-current-clone-root)
(make-local-variable 'pgdev-current-branch)
(make-local-variable 'pgdev-current-git-branch)
(make-local-variable 'pgdev-current-port)
(make-local-variable 'pgdev-current-url)))))))
(defun pgdev-insert-send-input (string &rest args)
"Insert format string filled with args and `coming-send-input'"
(insert (apply 'format string args))
(comint-send-input nil t))
;; Auto type some commands where parts are depending on the current branch
;; we're working in
(defun pgdev-insert-git-clone ()
"Open a shell a clone PostgreSQL in there"
(format "git clone %s -b %s %s"
(defun pgdev-configure-string ()
"return the configure command string"
(mapconcat 'identity
(append (list "./configure"
"--prefix" pgdev-current-prefix)
" "))
(defun pgdev-insert-configure ()
"Insert the ./configure command in the current Shell buffer"
(insert (pgdev-configure-string)))
(defun pgdev-insert-pgctl-start ()
"Insert and execute pg_ctl -l <logfile> start"
(insert (format "pg_ctl -l %s/pgsql-%s.log start"
(comint-send-input nil t))
(defun pgdev-insert-pgctl-stop ()
"Execute pg_ctl stop"
(insert "pg_ctl stop")
(comint-send-input nil t))
(defun pgdev-make ()
"Execute make with `pgdev-make-extra-options'"
(pgdev-insert-send-input "make %s" pgdev-make-extra-options))
(defun pgdev-reinitdb ()
"Execute rm -rf $PGDATA && initdb"
(insert (format "rm -rf \"%s\" && initdb -E \"%s\" --locale=\"%s\""
(comint-send-input nil t)
(insert (format "sleep 2 && createdb %s" (user-login-name)))
(comint-send-input nil t))
(defun pgdev-install-and-restart ()
"send input `make install && pg_ctl restart`"
(insert (format "make %s install && pg_ctl restart" pgdev-make-extra-options))
(comint-send-input nil t))
(defun pgdev-maintainer-clean-rebuild ()
"Execute make maintaner-clean && ./configure && make install"
(concat (format "rm -rf \"%s\"" pgdev-current-pgdata)
" && "
"make maintainer-clean"
" && "
" && "
(format "make %s install" pgdev-make-extra-options)))
(comint-send-input nil t))
(defun pgdev-debug ()
"Must be run from a pgdev shell, opens gdb in another shell"
(insert "psql")
(comint-send-input nil t)
(defun pgdev-debug-this-psql ()
"Must be run while psql is already running in a pgdev shell"
(insert "select pg_backend_pid();")
(comint-send-input nil t)
(sit-for 2) ; wait our answer
(let* ((pid (save-excursion
(goto-char (point-max))
(re-search-backward " \\([0-9]\\{3,\\}\\)")
(match-string 1)))
(bname (format "*Shell: Debug PostgreSQL %s*" pgdev-current-branch))
(buf (get-buffer-create bname))
(win (get-buffer-window buf)))
(if win
(select-window win)
(select-window (split-window))
(shell bname))
(with-current-buffer buf
(toggle-truncate-lines 1)
(insert (format "%s -p %s" pgdev-gdb-path pid))
(comint-send-input nil t))))
(defun pgdev-edit-config ()
"Must be run from a pgdev shell, visit the postgresql.conf file"
(expand-file-name "postgresql.conf"
(file-name-as-directory (expand-file-name "data" pgdev-current-prefix)))))
(provide 'pgdevenv)
;;; pgdevenv.el ends here