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@@ -12,11 +12,21 @@ You should have received that as a debian package or equivalent:
apt-get install postgresql-9.1-extension-whitelist
-If that's not the case, install the server development packages then:
+If that's not the case:
+1. install the server development packages (on Ubuntu, this would look like `apt-get install postgresql-server-dev-all`)
+2. then:
sudo make install
+This will generate a `` shared library that you will have to
+install in
+ `pg_config --libdir`/plugins
+so that your backend loads it automatically.
## Setup
You need to define the list of extensions that are whitelisted, the user
@@ -39,21 +49,21 @@ that performs the extension installing, and the error behavior.
That's quite simple:
- $ edit postgresql.conf, custom_variable_classes and extwlist.extensions
+ $ edit postgresql.conf to add local_preload_libraries, custom_variable_classes and extwlist.extensions
dim=# show extwlist.extensions;
show extwlist.extensions;
(1 row)
dim=# create extension foo;
create extension foo;
ERROR: extension "foo" is not whitelisted
DETAIL: Installing the extension "foo" failed, because it is not on the whitelist of user-installable extensions.
HINT: Your system administrator has allowed users to install certain extensions. See: SHOW extwlist.extensions;
dim=# create extension hstore;
create extension hstore;
WARNING: => is deprecated as an operator name

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