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Deal with SSL verify error the wrong way.
This patch adds an option --no-ssl-cert-verification that allows bypassing
OpenSSL server certificate verification. It's hopefully a temporary measure
that we set up in order to make progress when confronted to:


The real solution is of course to install the SSL certificates at a place
where pgloader will look for them, which defaults to
~/.postgresql/postgresql.crt at the moment. It's not clear what the story is
with the defaults from /etc/ssl, or how to make things happen in a better

See #648, See #679, See #768, See #748, See #775.
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dimitri committed Nov 14, 2018
1 parent 5ecf04a commit 16dda01
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Showing 3 changed files with 50 additions and 13 deletions.
@@ -51,6 +51,10 @@
("on-error-stop" :type boolean
:documentation "Refrain from handling errors properly.")

:type boolean
:documentation "Instruct OpenSSL to bypass verifying certificates.")

(("context" #\C) :type string :documentation "Command Context Variables")

(("with") :type string :list t :optional t
@@ -197,6 +201,7 @@
client-min-messages log-min-messages summary
root-dir self-upgrade
with set field cast type encoding before after

@@ -249,11 +254,15 @@

(when help
(when (or help)
(usage argv))

(when (or help version) (uiop:quit +os-code-success+))

(when (null arguments)
(usage argv)
(uiop:quit +os-code-error-usage+))

(when list-encodings
(uiop:quit +os-code-success+))
@@ -316,6 +325,9 @@
(uiop:native-namestring *log-filename*))
(log-message :log "Data errors in '~a'~%" *root-dir*)

(when no-ssl-cert-verification
(setf cl+ssl:*make-ssl-client-stream-verify-default* nil))

((and regress (= 1 (length arguments)))
(process-regression-test (first arguments)))
@@ -118,7 +118,19 @@
(uiop:native-namestring crt-file)))
(pomo::*ssl-key-file* (when (and (ssl-enable-p pgconn)
(probe-file key-file))
(uiop:native-namestring key-file))))
(uiop:native-namestring key-file)))
;; It's ok to set :verify-mode to NONE here because
;; cl+ssl:*make-ssl-client-stream-verify-default* defaults to
;; :require and takes precedence.
;; Only when --no-ssl-cert-verification is passed as a command line
;; option do we set cl+ssl:*make-ssl-client-stream-verify-default*
;; to NIL, then allowing the NONE behaviour set here.
(CL+SSL:MAKE-CONTEXT :disabled-protocols nil
:verify-mode CL+SSL:+SSL-VERIFY-NONE+)))
(flet ((connect (pgconn username)
;; in some cases (client_min_messages set to debug5
@@ -128,20 +140,29 @@
#'(lambda (w)
(log-message :warning "~a" w)
(pomo:connect (db-name pgconn)
(or username (db-user pgconn))
(db-pass pgconn)
(let ((host (db-host pgconn)))
(if (and (consp host) (eq :unix (car host)))
:port (db-port pgconn)
:use-ssl (or (pgconn-use-ssl pgconn) :no)))
(CL+SSL:WITH-GLOBAL-CONTEXT (ssl-context :auto-free-p t)
(pomo:connect (db-name pgconn)
(or username (db-user pgconn))
(db-pass pgconn)
(let ((host (db-host pgconn)))
(if (and (consp host) (eq :unix (car host)))
:port (db-port pgconn)
:use-ssl (or (pgconn-use-ssl pgconn) :no))))

((or too-many-connections configuration-limit-exceeded) (e)
(log-message :error
"Failed to connect to ~a: ~a; will try again in ~fs"
pgconn e *retry-connect-delay*)
(sleep *retry-connect-delay*)))))
(sleep *retry-connect-delay*))

(log-message :error
"Connecting to PostgreSQL ~a: ~a"
(db-host pgconn) e)
(log-message :log "You may try --no-ssl-cert-verification")
(error e)))))
(loop :while (null (conn-handle pgconn))
:repeat *retry-connect-times*
:do (setf (conn-handle pgconn) (connect pgconn username))))
@@ -28,6 +28,10 @@
;; bindings updates for libs
;; CFFI is used by the SQLite lib
. ,cffi:*default-foreign-encoding*))))
. ,cffi:*default-foreign-encoding*)

;; CL+SSL can be picky about verifying certs
. ,cl+ssl:*make-ssl-client-stream-verify-default*))))
"Wrapper around lparallel:make-kernel that sets our usual bindings."
(lp:make-kernel worker-count :bindings bindings))

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