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This new release brings stability on the table. Both memory allocation optimization and error handling from the Command Line have been strong focus points in the preparing of this release of pgloader. It is intended to be a just works release... well otherwise you know where to open new issues.

Users of MS SQL will appreciate a lot of bug fixes and improvements to the coverage of their source database.

The parallelism features introduced in 3.3.1 have been overhauled and simplified internally, without changing the user facing knobs for them. Please report oddities if you find some.

You can read a full article about the release at from MySQL to PostgreSQL on the blog!

As usual, enjoy Free Software, enjoy pgloader and enjoy PostgreSQL!

MySQL to PostgreSQL and schema target

When converting from MySQL to PostgreSQL with this new release of pgloader, the default is now to target (and create) a PostgreSQL schema with the same name as the MySQL database. If you want to target the public schema instead, use a load file with the following command:

ALTER SCHEMA 'dbname' RENAME TO 'public' -- in pgloader command.load file

Given this command, pgloader then register your source table into the schema given in the load file and PostgreSQL commands all target this target schema. This also applies to data only migrations where the target schema has been created by a tool for you.

If you want to use your new PostgreSQL database easily with the new schema, you might want to alter PostgreSQL's target database to include it in the search_path automatically:

alter database dbname set search_path to dbname, public; -- at PostgreSQL prompt