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pgloader source bundle

In order to ease building pgloader for non-lisp users, the bundle distribution is a tarball containing pgloader and its build dependencies. See the the following documentation for more details:

The bundle comes with a specific Makefile so that building it is as simple as the following (which includes testing the resulting binary):

LANG=en_US.UTF-8 make test

The compilation might takes a while, it's because SBCL is trying hard to generate run-time binary code that is fast and efficient. Yes you need to be in a unicide environment to run the test suite, so that it matches with the encoding of the test *.load files.

You can then package or use the pgloader binary:

./bin/pgloader --version
./bin/pgloader --help

Note that the SQLite test files are not included in the bundle, for weithing too much here.

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