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#! /usr/bin/env python
# this script does not perform full installation,
# it is meant for use from Makefile
import sys, os.path, re
from distutils.core import setup
from distutils.extension import Extension
# check if configure has run
if not os.path.isfile('config.mak'):
print "please run ./configure && make first"
print "Note: is supposed to be run from Makefile"
# load version
buf = open("","r").read(256)
m ="AC_INIT[(][^,]*,\s+([^)]*)[)]", buf)
ac_ver =
share_dup_files = [
if os.path.isfile('sql/txid/txid.sql'):
# run actual setup
name = "skytools",
license = "BSD",
version = ac_ver,
maintainer = "Marko Kreen",
maintainer_email = "",
url = "",
package_dir = {'': 'python'},
packages = ['skytools', 'londiste', 'pgq', 'pgq.cascade'],
data_files = [
('share/doc/skytools/conf', [
('share/skytools', share_dup_files)],
ext_modules=[Extension("skytools._cquoting", ['python/modules/cquoting.c'])],
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