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RLSD, the Retro Linux-libre Software Distribution, is a small, "live" operating
system with GNU/Linux-libre ( and retro
applications for the x86 and x86_64 architectures. It revives old hardware and
the way computing used to be in the late 90's.
RLSD's development follows the guidelines in the project manifest described in
RLSD consists of free software: software that respects the user's freedom. RLSD
is free to study, modify and share. To read more about free software, see
For more information, see the project homepage (
RLSD is available as regular, bootable ISO9660 images, or as a chroot
environment similar to crouton (
To set up a RLSD chroot environment:
sudo sh fFZwXC
Daily builds of RLSD are available through its homepage.
RLSD is built from source. It is cross-compiled through Trisquel
( 7 x86_64.
The whole process is automated; there's a script ( that
generates a clean, up-to-date build environment, then cross-compiles the entire
RLSD inside it.
To build a 64-bit RLSD:
sudo sh 8x9id4 ./rlsd-chroot
sudo ls ./rlsd-chroot/root/rlsd/releases
Alternatively, to build a 32-bit variant, use setarch(1), e.g:
sudo setarch i486 sh 8x9id4 ./rlsd-chroot
It is highly recommended to read the script first, as it installs debootstrap on
the host. It should run on Trisquel 7, although it should work on any comparable
distribution with debootstrap after minor adjustments.
Credits and Legal Information
RLSD consists of many packages; each has its own license, detailed under RLSD's
The icons included in RLSD's file system skeleton were taken from the
public-domain Tango Desktop Project (
The rest of RLSD (its build system, file system skeleton, etc') is free and
unencumbered software released under the terms of the MIT license; see COPYING
for the license text.
The ASCII art logo at the top was made using FIGlet (