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Generic printer for OCaml
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Generic printer for OCaml values

This ppx rewriters add support for the [%show] and [%pp] extension points which do exactly what you expect:

$ [%show] (1, 2, Some 'c');;
- : string = "(1, 2, Some 'c')"
$ Format.printf "%a@." [%pp] (1, 2, Some 'c');;
(1, 2, Some 'c')
- : unit = ()

And to save a few characters you can also do this:

external show : _ -> string = "%show"
external pp : Format.formatter -> _ -> unit = "%pp"

The code is based on a old compiler path available here.

I wouldn't recommend using this in production code, but it is really useful for quick debugging.

Building and Running

  1. Run make inside the ppx_show directory
  2. This will create a ppx_show.native file.
  3. Run: ocamlc -ppx ./ppx_show.native example/

How does it work?

ppx_show uses the OCaml typer to find the type inferred for the argument of show or pp and generates a function according to this type.

It has heuristics to print some abstract types such as sets and maps obtained from Set.Make and Map.Make.

Tricks for abstract types

There are two ways to automatically print abstract types:

  1. reveal them as private: type t = private <internal representation>
  2. declare a specially named function that ppx_show will recognize

For (2) the function must be named as follow:

  • string_of_<type-name> for [%show]
  • pp_print_<type_name> for [%pp]

The implementation can be as simple as:

let pp_print_t : _ -> t -> _ = [%pp]


  • only works with OCaml 4.03
  • to use in code that requires -rectypes, you need to pass -rectypes to the ppx rewriter as well
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