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The project is inspired by excellent work of John Wiegley, ledger-cli: is written in Perl, which probably facilitates development. The major reason for the project is however to get rid of ubiquotous (re)valuation of commodities, which is major feature of ledger-cli. While being very handy in many circumstances, it is not suitable for situations, where historical cost shall be maintaind.!topic/ledger-cli/f9CAsKtiyp8

The following ideas/principles are borrowed from ledger-cli:

  • transaction data text file format
  • application concentrates on reading data and producing reports. Amendment/addition to the data file is outside the scope of program
  • 'commodity' concept: everything is commodity - currencies, benzin etc. It appears to me as the most valuable idea in ledger-cli. This implies multi-currency accounting, but embraces much wider scenarios, such as management accounting with transactions of non-monetary items.
  • base currency (or probably, more properly, reporting currency) is not predefined in data file. Provided that appropriate rates are available, this makes it possible to prepare reports in any currency.
  • traditional basic accounting data attributes, such as 'company', 'client', 'contract', 'project', 'period', 'journal' etc. wich is common to most accounting / erp applications, are not predetermined.
  • 'complex' transactions with more than one Dt and Ct
  • double entry system
  • autobalancing mechanism: last transaction value, if empty, shall be auto-calculated
  • tags at both transaction and single record level.

Changes to the concept of ledger-cli:

  • lesser flexibility of the data file. This not only simplifies parser mainenance, improves performance, but also facilitate readability of the data file.
  • separation of data from algorithms: no encolsures, prescribing data handling in data file.
  • explicit data modification / revaluation

I hope to go as far as to write decent vim plugin.


general purpose command line parser and report constructor of financial data files



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