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Docker: Printable Quick Reference (Cheat Sheet)

I use Docker, but not often enough to memorize even basic Dockerfile instructions and CLI commands. After all I got so annoyed by being unable to quickly sketch some Dockerfile or to do something with the existing containers occasionally, so I decided to write a concise cheat sheet which I can print once and constantly keep on my desktop:

(click the thumbnail to download pdf)

The appearance of the card is largely inspired by the GDB Quick Reference, since I was using it for a long time already, and it was a very pleasant experience. It is clear and concise. Personally, I just print it on both sides of a single A4 sheet.

The card is written in LaTeX. Not everything was smooth. Probably that's because my LaTeX-fu is too weak, but in my opinion, LaTeX shines best for the cases when the user believes that LaTeX knows better. This was not the case here, since I had to pack lots of stuff in two pages, and I had to fight with LaTeX a lot, rather than embracing it. If anyone knows how to structure the document better, your comments / PRs are appreciated.


You need pdflatex. Once you have it, just type in your terminal, from the repository:

$ make

And check out the build/docker-quick-ref.pdf file.