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Centro - Find the best meeting point

Centro logo

Centro is a web-based application, used for getting suggestions about meeting places given several starting points and additional constraints.


Build with no IDE

These instructions can guide someone to build & deploy the project without using any IDE, just using Maven. Execute the following commands in the root folder of the project.

  • Download & install all maven dependencies:
mvn clean install
  • Execute all unit tests
mvn test
  • Build and Create .war file (all unit tests will be executed):
mvn package
  • Get Centro.war file from target folder and copy it in Tomcat webapps folder. Startup Tomcat.

Build using Eclipse

mvn eclipse:eclipse
  • Import the project in Eclipse (click file -> import -> existing project into workspace)
  • Configure a Tomcat 6 server (Tomcat 7 is incompatible with Java 1.7) (right click in the server tab -> new -> server) (If you don't have tomcat installed, after server -> new, click on add on the right of "server runtime environment", then click "Download and install")
  • Click on "run" then choose "run on server" and pick the server you've just configured
  • You're done =D

Build using Netbeans

  • Install Netbeans from the official site
  • Install a Tomcat Server and configure it with Netbeans
  • Import this maven project by clicking File -> New Project -> Maven -> Project with Existing POM -> (browse to pom.xml file and select it)
  • Configure the following properties of Netbeans project :
    1. Project Properties -> Run -> setup Tomcat as Server of this project
    2. Project Properties -> Actions -> Run Project -> Execute Goals (add "package")
    3. Project Properties -> Actions -> Build Project -> Execute Goals (add "package")
    4. Project Properties -> Actions -> Test Project -> Execute Goals (add "test")
  • Select "Build Project" to build the project
  • Select "Test Project" to execute all Unit Tests
  • Select "Run Project" through Netbeans. Application is now deployed in Tomcat.

Database versioning

The database schema is also versioned, in folder database :

  • Execute setup.sql to create the database and the user
  • Execute schema-init.sql to create the initial database schema, adding the first data

After changing the database schema, each developer should commit the changes in the schema in a separate script, and also add the necessary query in the script that adds the corresponding record in the table schema_version. This table is used to check which scripts have been executed in the current version and their order.

Application ID

Centro uses Google API in the back-end, making use of several features that require an API key. In order for Centro to be functional after deployed, define this API key in the properties file app.properties in folder src/main

Google Analytics

Analytics are by default disabled in Centro. In order to enable them, edit the file ga.js in folder src/main/webapp/resources/analytics, by changing the value of the global variable ANALYTICS_ENABLED and adjusting the rest properties of the analytics account.

Centro Manual