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Centro - Find the best meeting point

Centro logo

Centro is a web-based application, used for getting suggestions about meeting places given several starting points and additional constraints.


Build with no IDE

These instructions can guide someone to build & deploy the project without using any IDE, just using Maven. Execute the following commands in the root folder of the project.

  • Download & install all maven dependencies:
mvn clean install
  • Execute all unit tests
mvn test
  • Build and Create .war file (all unit tests will be executed):
mvn package
  • Get Centro.war file from target folder and copy it in Tomcat webapps folder. Startup Tomcat.

Build using Eclipse

mvn eclipse:eclipse
  • Import the project in Eclipse (click file -> import -> existing project into workspace)
  • Configure a Tomcat 6 server (Tomcat 7 is incompatible with Java 1.7) (right click in the server tab -> new -> server) (If you don't have tomcat installed, after server -> new, click on add on the right of "server runtime environment", then click "Download and install")
  • Click on "run" then choose "run on server" and pick the server you've just configured
  • You're done =D

Build using Netbeans

  • Install Netbeans from the official site
  • Install a Tomcat Server and configure it with Netbeans
  • Import this maven project by clicking File -> New Project -> Maven -> Project with Existing POM -> (browse to pom.xml file and select it)
  • Configure the following properties of Netbeans project :
    1. Project Properties -> Run -> setup Tomcat as Server of this project
    2. Project Properties -> Actions -> Run Project -> Execute Goals (add "package")
    3. Project Properties -> Actions -> Build Project -> Execute Goals (add "package")
    4. Project Properties -> Actions -> Test Project -> Execute Goals (add "test")
  • Select "Build Project" to build the project
  • Select "Test Project" to execute all Unit Tests
  • Select "Run Project" through Netbeans. Application is now deployed in Tomcat.

Database versioning

The database schema is also versioned, in folder database :

  • Execute setup.sql to create the database and the user
  • Execute schema-init.sql to create the initial database schema, adding the first data

After changing the database schema, each developer should commit the changes in the schema in a separate script, and also add the necessary query in the script that adds the corresponding record in the table schema_version. This table is used to check which scripts have been executed in the current version and their order.

Application ID

Centro uses Google API in the back-end, making use of several features that require an API key. In order for Centro to be functional after deployed, define this API key in the properties file in folder src/main

Google Analytics

Analytics are by default disabled in Centro. In order to enable them, edit the file ga.js in folder src/main/webapp/resources/analytics, by changing the value of the global variable ANALYTICS_ENABLED and adjusting the rest properties of the analytics account.

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Web-based geolocation application



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