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How to use angular2-signature-pad in Angular2 with AoT compilation using ngc and rollup

The compilation process is described on the official Angular2 website here:

1) Install angular2-signature-pad

npm install angular2-signature-pad --save

2) Edit Angular 2 module

Open the module file where you want to include angular2-signature-pad (most probably app.module.ts) and import either specific angular2-signature-pad modules by listing them in the import statement and then in the import array of the Angular 2 module

import { SignaturePadModule } from 'angular2-signature-pad';

   imports: [SignaturePadModule, ... ],

3) Edit rollup configuration (rollup-config.js)

You have to use CommonJS rollup plugin, which you should be using anyway due to RxJS. If for some reason not, install it:

npm install rollup-plugin-commonjs --save --dev

Then you have to import the CommonJS plugin, include it in the plugins array and add angular2-signature-pad to the list of modules:

import commonjs from 'rollup-plugin-commonjs';

//paths are relative to the execution path
export default {
	plugins: [
			include: [

4) Run compilation the standard way


ngc -p tsconfig-aot.json
rollup -c rollup-config.js