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A HTML5 Blog Theme's Transplant Project
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We will take the Clearision, a brilliant HTML5 blog theme to some different blog platform.

You can just fork this Repository, create a branch and name with the target blog platform name and try to sent Pull Request when you finish.


Support Plan

  • Clearision (for Pelican) (@korepwx ) Finished
  • ClearisionX for Hexo (@dimpurr ) Futured
  • ClearisionX for Typecho (@dimpurr ) Futured
  • ClearisionX for Ghost (@dimpurr ) Futured
  • Cleairison-Ti for Typecho (@TrustyWolf ) unofficial Finished
  • Cleairison for SilverBlog (@qwe7002 ) Finished

How to start

You need replace all the {{}} tag to your blog platform's function. Just follow the description in the <!-- --> , and don't forget to remove the annotate after you finished it.

You can take Clearision to all the blog platform but just left a link: <a href="" title="ClearisionX">ClearisionX</a>

Have fun!


You can only use GPLv3 if you need a lincens.

The GNU General Public License v3.0


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