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parts =
# Note that we use django-nonrel source for Django egg
eggs =
extensions =
find-links =
# [sources] which will be checked out when buildout is run
auto-checkout = *
# Location of App engine yaml files, static and media folders
# This option is a template variable we use in [django] section to set the defaukt
# location of various files.
appengine-base-path = ${buildout:directory}/src/dimini.boilerplate/dimini/boilerplate
# Define version control repositories where to fetch the evil stuff.
# All these should be distributed as Python eggs.
# You can extend this section and add your own version control repositories.
# We need to wrap some django-nonrel packages as nested directories, because they are not using standadr Python package layout
# and Python/Django cannot figure out these packages otherwise. See
# extra-paths below.
Django = hg
djangotoolbox = hg
django-dbindexer = hg
djangoappengine = hg
django-testapp = hg egg=false
django-piston = hg
django-mediagenerator = hg
djc.recipe = git git://
dimini.boilerplate = git git://
# Use djc.recipe to set-up django-admin wrapper
# For options see
recipe = djc.recipe
project = dimini.boilerplate
# This is needed in order to bootstrap djangoappengine (djangoappengine.boot module reads)
environment-vars =
GOOGLE_APPENGINE_PROJECT_ROOT ${buildout:appengine-base-path}
static-directory = ${buildout:appengine-base-path}/static
media-directory = ${buildout:appengine-base-path}/media
settings-template = ${buildout:appengine-base-path}/
# Django recipe does not resped buildout eggs configuration, so we need to manually list packages
# which are order to needed to bootstrap Django (included in and such)
extra-paths =
# Google App Engine does not support Python egg packaging.
# We need to mangle all eggs into flat directory structure to make App Engine
# application runnable or deployable.
# We do this using "omelette"
# This will map all buildout eggs to the directory structure under your
# App Engine project
recipe = collective.recipe.omelette
eggs = ${buildout:eggs}
location = ${buildout:appengine-base-path}/flattened-eggs
# Do not include your own package in symlinks and setuptools helper files.
# Do not copy easy_install and such helper scripts.
# Workaround bad packaging of djangoappengine.
ignores =