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This implementation contains two variants: An idiomatic, short one in Search.Plinq.cs and an ugly, verbose one in Search.Binary.cs built for speed. The binary variant tries to minimize object creation by searching the byte buffer and creating string objects only when "knicks" was found.

Here are some results on my machine:

Language Time in s
C 0.8
C# (Binary) 1.1
C# (PLINQ) 2.8
Erlang (Binary) 4.7
Erlang (Regex) 6.8
Erlang (Unsafe) 3.0
Go (Substring) 8.3
Go (Regex) 19.4
Nim 15.0
Node.js 4.0
Rust (Regex) 1.4
Rust (Substring) 2.4
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