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Nov 23rd 2015 - @matttproud

This commit cleans up a few things about the Go pipeline:

  1. idiom: use sync.WaitGroup instead of atomic counter for rendezvous.

  2. throughput: switch to buffered channels since message handout needn't be synchronous.

  3. cruft removal: removed dead/non-used functions.

  4. throughput: kick off reading from all buffers in separate Go routines since the scheduler will self-bound their operation per the maximum processors.

  5. simplify/throughput: drop pre-processing of tallies into maps and replace it with a channel that merely contains the neighborhood name. Neighborhood processing occurs in-flight with the mappers.

  6. throughput: the regexp/substring match can be made more efficient by prima facie rejecting candidates whose values are too short to contain the needle.

  7. readability: separate mapper and reducers into individual routines.

  8. tidying: remedy lint errors.

Overall this change is performance neutral to being an improvement. In my local runs, I was able to shave off about 2.5 seconds on the substring run with this.

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