A basic "Hello World" servlet written in Scala, with example specs. Easier than bootstrapping your own Maven config, etc.
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Scala Servlet

This is an example servlet written in pure Scala. I wrote it as a jumping off point for simple Scala web apps, and you're welcome to reuse it however you like.

It also includes the Maven config for running Specs, plus an example.

Common Commands

  • mvn test - runs the Specs.
  • mvn jetty:run - runs the app in Jetty (point your browser to http://localhost:8080/example/)
  • mvn war:war - builds a .war file for the app.

What's Next?

I'll update the app when Scala 2.8 and Specs are released as stable. If you'd like to contribute any of your own tricks or configuration options, you're welcome to!