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PhotoSwipe Tiled Deep Zoom Plugin

> Plugin demo <

A plugin that adds tile-based zoom support to PhotoSwipe. Supports Deepzoom and Zoomify tile formats.

Unlike conventional viewers such as OpenLayers or OpenSeaDragon, it displays tiles only when user zooms beyond the primary image size. If user does not zoom - PhotoSwipe operates as usual.

If you just want to display a single tiled image, consider using OpenLayers, OpenSeaDragon or Leaflet.


The plugin requires a single JS file photoswipe-deep-zoom-plugin.esm.js. To view the source code visit src/.

Or install via NPM npm install photoswipe-deep-zoom-plugin.

import PhotoSwipeLightbox from './lib/photoswipe/photoswipe-lightbox.esm.js';
import PhotoSwipe from './lib/photoswipe/photoswipe.esm.js';
import PhotoSwipeDeepZoom from './photoswipe-deep-zoom-plugin.esm.js';

const lightbox = new PhotoSwipeLightbox({
  gallery: '#gallery',
  children: '.pswp-gallery__item',
  pswpModule: PhotoSwipe,

  // Recommended PhotoSwipe options for this plugin
  allowPanToNext: false, // prevent swiping to the next slide when image is zoomed
  allowMouseDrag: true, // display dragging cursor at max zoom level
  wheelToZoom: true, // enable wheel-based zoom
  zoom: false // disable default zoom button

const deepZoomPlugin = new PhotoSwipeDeepZoom(lightbox, {
  // deep zoom plugin options, for example:
  tileSize: 256


HTML for a single slide:

<div id="gallery" class="pswp-gallery">
    <img src="thumbnail.jpg" alt="Image #1" />
  <!-- more slides ... -->

Or as slide data:

const slides = [
    src: 'primary-image.jpg',
    w: 1600,
    h: 1024,
    msrc: 'thumbnail.jpg',
    tileType: 'deepzoom',
    tileUrl: 'path/to/tiles/{z}/{x}_{y}.jpeg',
    tileSize: 254,
    tileOverlap: 1,
    maxWidth: 5832,
    maxHeight: 4409
  // more slides...


Tile URL. Can be also defined as tileUrl property of the slide data.

For example:{z}/{x}_{y}.jpg. {z}, {x} and {y} will be automaticlaly replaced with the corresponding tile coordinates.

If you're using Zoomify type, there in an additional template string {zoomify_group}. For example:{zoomify_group}/{z}-{x}-{y}.jpg"

data-pswp-tile-type: 'deepzoom'

deepzoom and zoomify tile types are supported for now. Can be also defined as tileType property of the slide data.

data-pswp-max-width and data-pswp-max-height

Maximum size of the tiled image.


Optional. Controls how far the image can be zoomed, can be lower or higher than max-image-width.

Tile sources

For now, the plugin only supports Zoomify and Deepzoom tiles. You may use Vips to generate them.


fadeInDuration: 150

Fade in animation duration for tiles when loaded, can be zero.

cacheLimit: 200

Number of tiles to keep cached.

maxDecodingCount: 15

Maximum decoding requests at a time.

minBatchRequestCount: 6

Batch requests together, so they aren't sent one at a time when maxDecodingCount is reached.

tileSize: 256

Default tile width. Individual slides can override it via data-pswp-tile-size attribute or tileSize property of the slide data.

tileOverlap: 0

Default tile overlap. Individual slides can override it via data-pswp-tile-overlap attribute or tileOverlap property of the slide data.

incrementalZoomButtons: true

Zoom in and zoom out buttons in the toolbar.

useLowResLayer: false

Will permanently display a low-resolution layer below the active one.

forceWillChange: true

Will apply will-change:transform to the placeholder and the primary PhotoSwipe image.


A function that should return the individual tile URL. For example:

getTileUrlFn: (slideData, x, y, z) {
  return slideData.tileUrl
        .replace('{x}', x)
        .replace('{y}', y)
        .replace('{z}', z);

maxTilePixelRatio: 1

The viewer will load higher resolution tiles earlier on high DPI screens.

For example, if device pixel ratio is 2 (regular retina screen) and maxTilePixelRatio: 2, the viewer will render twice as many tiles.

If device pixel ratio is higher than maxTilePixelRatio, the viewer will render tiles according to the maxTilePixelRatio option. If it is lower - it'll render according to the device pixel ratio.


To build and minify JS in dist/:

npm run build

To update GitHub pages:

npm run publish:demo



  • High dpi screens support, added option maxTilePixelRatio.
  • Added property pswp-max-zoom-width (pswpMaxZoomWidth) that allows increasing or reducing how far the slide can be zoomed.
  • The plugin now adjusts behaviour of the loading indicator, it's displayed when tiles are loading.
  • Added zoom keyboard shortcuts (+ and -).
  • Added reset zoom button, it's displayed when zoomed beyond x3 of the initial state.


High-resolution tile-based image zoom plugin for PhotoSwipe







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