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  • change client api, make more node-like

    • extract superclass for autheticators
    • make canAuthenticate() cleaner
  • error on non-empty expectedIdentity if not authenticated (can get it if auth is optional)

  • noFrames (true by default for static)

  • sameOrigin

  • https support

    • requireTls handler
  • secure cookies

  • Strict-Transport-Security header

  • make event names camelCase ? (check guidelines)

  • make ids camelCase on test page

apis 0.1

  • make every part of functionality independently usable:
    • loader
      • with console support
      • extract runner?
    • settings
    • routing
    • cluster
    • domain
    • daemonizer
    • logging
    • websockets
  • make following functionality pluggable:
    • JSONP
    • batch requests
    • CORS
  • make handlers express.js compatible
  • extract req/res extensions to stand-alone lib
  • allow to use apis (completely or parts of it):
    • on top of any connect-like framework
    • without intermediate framework (on top of node's http/https modules)

Ideally, apis must become a meta-package bringing together functionality described above.


  • add domain support for socket mechanics

  • add response to socket on critical error if has requestId

  • client

    • bring timeout functionality back to http client
    • headers can be modified during send() - fix it (?)
    • fix *EventListener issues
  • make Loader command set easier to extend

  • add ability to run cluster without daemonization

  • check content-size header as early as possible (?)

  • add ability to specify pre and post handlers for contract

    • keep in mind nested contracts structure
    • actively use ctx during resolution
    • possibly move result functionality somewhere


  • use -r path:dst when will be fixed (instead of client/expose/browserify.js)


  • extends http.IncomingMessage.prototype (just like express 2.X does)
  • usage of undocumented res._headers (wrap setHeader, removeHeader instead?)
  • JSONP has no origin-based restrictions, potential subject of distributed browser-based atacks (don't know good way to fix)
  • no compression - add server.use(express.compress()); to mechanics/web after express migration to connect 2.X

test page

  • ability to copy/save/load requests


  • review batches (possibly broken)
  • add batches support to client library
  • ability to fetch less data than used in 'apply' (?)
  • optionally fail on error

move to standalone lib

  • logging (leave wrapper here)
  • cluster
  • daemon


  • add 'logrotate' command to loader interface (must call 'rotate' on stream-like loggers forcing them to reopen streams)


  • provide cluster stats

  • add some kind of lifetime distribution

  • add trembling users detection (frequently performing connect then disconnect) (?)