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  • remove universal client generation - too dirty code

  • extract browserglobals to standalone class

  • split client library, provide amd and browserglobal versions separately

  • inherits - proper require needed for both amd and browserglobals

  • ignore whitespaces between require() for amd - use inplace schema?

  • improve node.js escape as for clients

  • change require schema for browserglobals (render in place)

  • fix export names for browserglobals, export in place

  • use args

  • use mkdirp

  • use Buffer instead of [] (?)

  • remove ability to use <% %> code blocks beyond block

  • prevent duplicate func names

  • make examples cleaner (remove old style code, etc.)

  • use generic Symbol token instead of Space

  • make errors-generation produces results in random order, do something with it

  • write usage for bin/ojster (within the script)

  • fail with error in generator if some required component is not found (alias, path, etc.)

  • add more checks to tokenizer (see TODOs in source code)

  • fix alignment for locals of @insert

  • do not skip BlockStart token on duplicate block name, but still report an error (how?)

  • think about way to add common functionality to core by subclassing without need to create subclass for every kind of generator (node, goog, etc.)

  • TODOs in path_compiler.js

  • more error_examples

  • tests (use examples and error_examples)


  • add description for all commands
  • rewrite readme


  • fixes related to alias->name in @require
  • better examples

known issues

  • tokenizer's regex that parses identifiers is too strict, but don't want to fix it

add if somebody really need it

  • generator-specific includes (parts of template script that will be included for specific generators only)