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DimSum.js NYC

Let us all meet and eat


We go to a new location every month in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens!


See https://github.com/dimsumjs/nyc/issues for this month's schedule and venue

Har Gow && Sui Mei?

Yes please

But I don't JavaScript!

I don't make dimsum... s'all good




Vote for dates or get your (free!) ticket in this month's issue

How much does it cost?

We split the bill amongst the whole group. Usually it's about $15-25 USD per person, tax and tip included.

I have dietary needs!

Dim sum.js involves sharing a meal with a large group, so we try our best to accommodate you when we order/grab food off carts, and ensure you get first pick of things you can eat.

  • We frequently accommodate folks who can't eat dairy, seafood, pork, or nuts.
  • Most restaurants we've visited do not have many vegetarian/vegan-friendly dishes.
  • The food at dim sum is not friendly to folks who are very sensitive to gluten/wheat cross-contamination, or strictly keep halal or kosher.

But you don't have to eat—join us and drink tea!

How do I contact the organizers?

  • Join the slack channel: #dimsumjs on BoroJS Slack
  • Comment on or make a GitHub issue
  • Reply to your ticket notification email

Please try to reach out before noon on dim sum day. Once we start eating, we're not very responsive.