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Hey! We need to keep better track of cash expenses and incomings.

To sort this out, we've set up a simple "cash log" as a public repo on GitHub:

It's got a very simplistic tab separated format for keeping track of transactions, and the idea is to have a public log of incoming and outgoing cash to re-establish some visibility into the cashflow for DSL.

For this to work, we have to keep the lists updated. (It's not a double-entry accouting system, but simple text files to give us some cashflow information, KISS style).

Patches welcome, let's keep it so simple that we'll actually do it! :)

  • dsl-accounts/
    • cash
      • incoming-2016-08
      • outgoing-2016-08
~/dsl-accounts $ ./ sum
Sum:  8100

(The sum should be the balance in the petty cash box, useful for knowing where we stand regarding rent, bills)