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This is a recipe meta layer for Yocto that builds a custom elastic beat. This beat is used in STM32MP157C. The CM4 firmware samples 4x ADC channels using DMA and then sends the values using the OpenAMP IPC. The default IPC implementation creates the /dav/ttyRPMSG0 serial port that the Linux user space can use to exchange data with the Cortex-M4 firmware.

Therefore, this beat opens a serial port and start receiving the continuous stream from the CM4 MCU and then published the data to the configured Elastisearch server.

You can read more info about this example here.

Supported versions

The current supported beat version is

  • v8.0.0

And it's tested with the v7.9.1 Elasticserver and Kibana

Adding the meta-elastic-beats layer to your build

To add the layer to your build :

bitbake-layers add-layer meta-elastic-beats

Or just simply add the layer manually to your bblayers.conf file.

Adding beats to your image

To add a beat in your image then add one of the following recipes to your IMAGE_INSTALL:

IMAGE_INSTALL += "adcsamplebeat"

The configuration yaml files are the default ones. You need to override them with a custom recipe and use your own for your specific usage. The configuration Yaml files is located in meta-adcsamplebeat/recipes-elastic-beats/adcsamplerbeat/adcsamplerbeat.

Known issues

The golang build changes the files in pkg/mod in to read only. This means that bitbake is not able to delete those files if the build fails and you need to delete the folder manually. Normally this is handled with the go clean -modcache comamnd.


Dimitris Tassopoulos


A meta layer for a custom elastic beat recipe that sends ADC values, using the STM32MP157C and the OpenAMP IPC.







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