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NCBI molecular databases

BoLD (BarCode of Life Database)

ITIS and the 2008-9 Catalogue of Life

BHL Literature

GBIF-mobilized occurrence data (synthesized to distinct name not all 170 million points)

EoL Species pages

Redlist, GROMS, RAMSAR, BIRDLIFE or other conservation related indices

  • particularly if data publicizing enables discovery of content NOT previously accessible.

Scratchpad, LifeDesk indices


Exemplar online Flora and Fauna

  • (Harvard and MOBOT have many and are partners)

Fauna Europaea

CAB Direct

  • I am writing the Terms of Reference right now for a uBio project to extract taxon names from 1.8 million bibliographic citations from CAB Direct, a database maintained by CABI in the UK. It will provide millions of links by names to bibliographic resources located here: