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AX Zabbix Trigger Alert HTML Template
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AX Zabbix Trigger Alert HTML Template

Default Zabbix trigger email alerts is not too attractive. Some tips on how to fix this and do something similar to it:

Alert email:

Recovery email:


  1. Install sendEmail
$ sudo apt-get install sendemail
  1. Find AlertScriptsPath in Zabbix configuration file:
$ cat /etc/zabbix/zabbix_server.conf | grep AlertScriptsPath
### Option: AlertScriptsPath
# AlertScriptsPath=${datadir}/zabbix/alertscripts
$cd /usr/lib/zabbix/alertscripts
  1. Create new alert script:
$ sudo nano
  1. Paste following or simmilar content, don't forget to fill it with your real SMTP data.
export zabbixemailto="$1"
export zabbixsubject="$2"
export zabbixbody="$3"
export smtpserver=localhost # or your SMTP server
export smtplogin=SMTP_LOGIN
export smtppass=SMTP_PASSWORD
/usr/bin/sendEmail -f $smtpemailfrom -t $zabbixemailto -u $zabbixsubject \-m $zabbixbody -s $smtpserver:25  -o tls=no \-o message-content-type=html 
  1. Login to your Zabbix GUI and go to Administration -> Media Types -> Email

  2. Change type to Script and put '' into script name.

  3. Add next script parameters and click Update:

  1. Open Email alert action tab: Configuration -> Action -> Event source [Triggers] -> Report problems to Zabbix administrators

  2. Copy/paste to Operations Default message content from file templates/alert.html and to Recovery operations from templates/recovery.html

  3. Click Update.

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