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IllusionZ v.1 This is a game I designed and programmed for CMU's 15-112 Intro to Programming 6-week summer course in Python. I created the illusion of a 3D environment completely generated by 2D shapes using TKinter.

The player spawns in a randomly generated world of cubes. Some cubes are solid, and some are transparent, represented by the dotted lines. Pressing the 'Z' key inverts the world:
the colors invert, transparent cubes turn solid, and solid cubes become transparent. Inverting the world while inside a cube will remove it from the game. The objective is to remove as many cubes in the time limit, without falling off the map.

The demo in this version is intended to demonstrate the framework mechanics of play. The mechanics I designed have potential for a level-based, puzzle-solving storyline.

Below is a video demonstration of the Tutorial, Easy, and Difficult gameplay.