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DIseAse MODule identification algorithim
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DIAMOnD runs the DIAMOnD algorithm as described in

A DIseAse MOdule Detection (DIAMOnD) Algorithm derived from a systematic analysis of connectivity patterns of disease proteins in the Human Interactome. PlOS Comp Bio (in press), 2015.

by Susan Dina Ghiassian, Joerg Menche & Albert-Laszlo Barabasi

The DIAMOnD website can be found at:

Instruction to use the source code:

  1. Download the code.
  2. Make sure to make the code executable by chmod +x
  3. Run the code (./ in command line or “run" in ipython). This will bring up the correct usage of the code.
  4. Run the code according the suggested usage and input files description(See below).


Directory Example

contains two input files:

  1. seed_genes.txt (list of genes associated with a phenotype of interest)
  2. PPI.txt (Protein-protein interaction network. note that gene IDs should be consistent in the two input files) The following command will generate the first 100 DIAMOnD nodes and save them in a file) ./ PPI.txt seed_genes.txt 100
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