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Drupal 8 and 9 Migrations by Example

A demo module created by Mauricio Dinarte (@dinarcon) to explain migrations concepts in Drupal.

This module has been used in conference talks to explain migration concepts. Find more information at:


The following projects are required to run this demo. The version number indicates which version was last used for testing.


This demo includes 6 migration configurations.

  • mbe_csv_book_paragraph for importing data into paragraphs entities. There are no dependencies on other migrations.
  • mbe_csv_photo_field for importing data into file entities. There are no dependencies on other migrations.
  • mbe_csv_professors for importing data into node entities. This depends on other migrations to be run before: mbe_csv_book_paragraph and mbe_csv_photo_field.

There are equivalent migrations to import data from JSON file: mbe_json_book_paragraph, mbe_json_photo_field, mbe_json_professors.


  • Install module dependencies via composer: composer require 'drupal/address:^1.8' 'drupal/migrate_plus:^5.1' 'drupal/migrate_source_csv:^3.4' 'drupal/migrate_tools:^5.0' 'drupal/paragraphs:^1.12'
  • If you do not have Drush available, install the latest version via composer: composer require drush/drush. After this step, you may call it via ./vendor/bin/drush.
  • Make sure that your Drupal installation has a /modules/custom folder. The modules folder should exist, but the custom sub-folder might not. Create it if needed.
  • Download the demo module contained in this repository into the /modules/custom folder. You can do this by cloning this repository or downloading a ZIP file. Important: The name of the folder containing this demo must ve mbe_professors. If you get it from the ZIP file the folder will be named mbe_professors-main. If that is the case, rename the folder to mbe_professors to prevent errors reading the CSV files.
  • Verify that the CSV files are in the proper location. See instructions below.
  • Enable the Professors Example Migration (mbe_professors) module.
  • Run migrations using Drush. See instructions below.

CSV files location

The path configuration for the CSV source plugin accepts an absolute path or relative path from the Drupal installation folder.

The examples use a relative path and it is assumed that you place this demo module in a modules/custom folder. Therefore, the CSV files will be located at modules/custom/mbe_professors/sources/.

This would look similar to:

|-- autoload.php
|-- core
|-- index.php
|-- modules
|   |-- contrib
|   |   |-- address
|   |   |-- entity_reference_revisions
|   |   |-- migrate_plus
|   |   |-- migrate_source_csv
|   |   |-- migrate_tools
|   |   `-- paragraphs
|   `-- custom
|       `-- mbe_professors
|           |-- composer.json
|           |-- config
|           |--
|           |-- mbe_professors_setup
|           |-- migrations
|           |--
|           `-- sources
|-- profiles
|-- robots.txt
|-- sites
|-- themes
|-- update.php
`-- web.config

Not having the source CSV files in the proper location would trigger and error similar to:

[error]  Migration failed with source plugin exception: File path (modules/custom/mbe_professors/sources/mbe_csv_book_paragraph.csv) does not exist.

If you want to place the files in a different location, you need to update the path in the corresponding configuration files. That is the source:path setting in the migration files.

Running the migrations

The Migrate Tools module provides drush commands to run the migrations.

drush migrate:import mbe_csv_book_paragraph
drush migrate:import mbe_csv_photo_field
drush migrate:import mbe_csv_professors

Note: The commands above work for Drush 10. In Drush 8 the command names and aliases are different. Execute drush list --filter=migrate to verify the proper commands for your version of Drush.

After the migrations are run successfully, visit /mbe_professors to see the content that was imported.

Error with migration dependencies

It might be necessary to apply the patch available at for migration dependencies to work properly. If using composer, you can apply the patch using the cweagans/composer-patches composer.

# Execute this command.
composer require cweagans/composer-patches

# Edit composer.json file.
vim composer.json

# Add the following under the 'extra' section.
"patches": {
  "drupal/migrate_tools": {
    "Migrate import --execute-dependencies fix": ""

# Apply the patch.
composer install


Drupal 8 and 9 Migrations by Example.






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