Cannot revalidate without bLazy crashing #73

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I'm trying to use bLazy without any libraries. When I try to revalidate, it fails, as "self" is a null value in scope.revalidate. I don't see self being defined in a scope that's useable inside revalidate.

Should it be initialize(scope) instead of initialize(self) inside of revalidate? Changing that line to be initialize(scope) seems to make things work for me.

dinbror commented Jan 13, 2016

Hey @rmcauley
That sounds odd. Works fine here. Do you have a live example?

I suppose you mean "this" instead of "self" because it's "this" that is passed in the initialize call:

scope.revalidate = function() {

Yes, sorry, that's what I meant.

It's happening to me because I'm calling revalidate on a setTimeout without wrapping it in a function or using .bind.

Live example:

dinbror commented Jan 14, 2016

Yes I see. When you pass setTimeout a reference like you do, "this" is window but if you instead pass an eval string or an anonymous function it works.

// anonymous function
setTimeout(function(){ bLazy.revalidate(); }, 300);

// eval string (not recommended)
setTimeout("bLazy.revalidate()", 300);
dinbror commented May 28, 2016

Closing due to edge case. This should not be needed anymore after v.1.5.4 (

@dinbror dinbror closed this May 28, 2016
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