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On-demand info from Github on Slack
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On-demand info from Github on Slack. This users AWS features - S3, Lambda, APIGateway, CloudFormation, IAM

Getting Started

  1. Set up your AWS credentials with required permissions, details
  2. Checkout this project on ur local
  3. Run "mvn -Ddeployment.bucket=<bucketName> clean deploy"
  4. If all goes well, a URL will be displayed at the end, make a note of it
  5. In Slack, Go to Apps and Integrations
  6. Click Build in the top right
  7. Select Make a Custom Integration
  8. Select Outgoing Webhooks
  9. Choose a channel for this integration
  10. In URL, put the URL that you have noted earlier
  11. You can also append required parameters "?default_repo=<repo>&git_token=<token>" at the end of the URL for default repo behavior along with access token (Optional)


1. list commits
2. (last | latest) commit [details] [file <name>]
3. commit [details] id <commitId> [file <name>]
4. search <github search pattern>
5. search+ <github search pattern with file info>

Dependencies and credits

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