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ictc events

Online web based ICTC events database.

Tools required

  • Browsers and their developers tools
  • Postman for managing and testing REST APIs
  • node/npm, reactjs, etc

Getting started for development

  • Clone this repo.
  • Update all submodules using git submodule update --init --recursive
  • Update each submodule individually (since submodules can get out of sync in development).
  • Create database
  • run backend
  • run frontend and proxy

Create Database

Install mysql or mariadb and get into its root shell. Then execute:

mysql> create database dbms_project; -- Create the new database
mysql> create user 'dbms_project'@'localhost' identified by 'ThePassword'; -- Creates the user
mysql> grant all on dbms_project.* to 'dbms_project'@'localhost'; -- Gives all the privileges to the new user on the newly created database

Build and run backend

Make sure you have setup database as described above.

  • cd into backend
  • Build using ./gradlew build
  • Check the server using ./gradlew bootRun

Build and run frontend

  • cd into frontend.
  • install all dependencies npm install
  • use npm run live` during development. It uses live reloading developement environment.

Getting started for production



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