An experimental library that lets you create PHP arrays in a more aesthetic manner
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“One whose pursuit and admiration of beauty is regarded as excessive or affected.”

Aesthete.php is an experimental library that lets you create arrays in a more “aesthetic” manner.
Returned arrays descend from the ArrayObject SPL class. Which is nice because it lets you add some methods, such as each().


First, require it:


Now, lets say i want to create an array of string. Simple. In Ruby i would do it like this:

%w( my array of words )

But PHP’s array() syntax is kinda verbose for such a simple array:

array('my', 'array', 'of', 'words')

With Aesthete.php, you can create an array of words like this instead:

w(' my array of words ')

Then you can loop into it like this. For FREE! :

w(' this is an array of words ')->each(function($w){
  echo "{$w}<br/>";

Or you can create an array of any types and loop into it:

a('one', 'two', 3, 4)->each(function($thing){
  echo "{$thing}<br/>";

Or a hash of strings and loop into it:

 key            = value
 another        = string
 number         = 23
 a_long_string  = this is a long string
")->each(function($k, $v){
  echo "{$k} => {$v}<br/>";

See test/tests.php and examples/* for more usage examples.

Minimum requirements

You’ll need to have PHP >5.3 because of the AestheteHash and AestheteArray’s each methods that takes an anonymous function.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Alexandre Gomes Gaigalas for suggesting the use of parse_ini_string() for parsing the h() function’s argument. Awesome stuff are possible now.