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ScreenTest Library Test

Tool for testing the UI by comparison screenshots.

Based on JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas.

Current version: 1.0.4


For a live demo, go to


1. Constructor:

var test = new ScreenTest(srcImg, testImg, etalonImg, bounds);
@param {String} srcImg     Local path to the images folder.
                           Attention! There should be a single host for html test page, folder with images 
                           and this ScreenTest library (Constraint of HTML5 security)

@param {String} testImg    Name of test screenshot image
@param {String} etalonImg  Name of etalon screenshot image

@param {Array|Null} bounds Array of coordinates top-left and right-bottom boundary points of comparison:
                           [0] - x-axis of left-top point, px
                           [1] - y-axis of left-top point, px
                           [2] - x-axis of right-bottom point, px
                           [3] - y-axis of right-bottom point, px

                           If no set - compare screenshots with no boundaries.
var test = new ScreenTest('img/test/', 'firefox_test.png', 'firefox_standart.png', [10,10,1430,890]);

2. Result:

The result is displayed in a div element with id="result" in the percentage difference images.

<div id="result">12.46</div>

3. Cleaning of the environment after the test:


Download Library

ScreenTest Library


Copyright © Andrey Chizh, 2012