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You probably got this from...

This is not working code! It is a developer only release to
show the state of the project.

If there is no licence agreement with this package please download
a version from the location above. You must read and accept that
licence to use this software. The file is titled simply LICENSE.

What is it?

Arbiter is a requirements gathering and project sign off tool. It was
first described at SitePoint here...

It's a tool for project managers to ease client interaction.
The project specification can be defined in word processor format as
you would normally. By adding some special items, such as titled
bulleted lists and highlighted text items, both a test suite and
glossary can be written right into the spec. The Arbiter server will
parse these documents and run the tests, reporting the results into
the documents themselves. This allows the client to see project process.

It also allows the developers, sitting next to the client, to add
concrete executable examples of the use cases. This adds clarity and
helps to settle disputes over required functionality. Using the glossary,
developers can signal to the client that concepts are not well understood.
Tests can be marked pending if a document contains unexplained glossary

The test format is bulleted lists of instructions in the style of
someone using a web browser. Macros are allowed for factoring the tests.

The tool itself contains self tests. to run these you have to make
the 'temp' folder writeable by the web server. Then point your
browser at test/all_tests.php and hopefully you should see the
green bar.

Yours Marcus, Christian, Jean-Marie, Brenden, Andres, Mark.