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Cetriolo is a simple HTML5 (i.e. HTML+JS, works in recent browsers) task management plus time-slicing app.

The name is a riff on Pomodoro — 'cetriolo' is the Italian word for 'cucumber'.

You create new tasks by dragging the handles on the left of the screen into the workspace. You delete/archive them by dragging them into the areas marked 'Archive' and 'Throw away'. Select tasks by clicking on them, update their description by clicking on the description of a selected task.

Similarly, task lists are renamed by clicking on their description.

The state of your task list and timer are saved to localStorage, and restored the next time the page is loaded. I hope to move to remoteStorage for this at some point in the future.

The clock on the top of the screen can be used to time a slice of work (25 minutes) or a break (5 minutes). I've found that, as the Pomodoro technique advocates, alternating 25 minute slices of focused work and 5 minute breaks is quite helpful.

When a slice timer runs out, the slice count of the currently selected task is incremented by one.

I'm not a disciplined practitioner of Pomodoro in general, and find it a bit heavy on rules. This thing is just a tool that I use to support my own workflow, and in no way claim that it represents the Pomodoro approach.

There is (usually) a demo checkout of this app at http://marijnhaverbeke.nl/cetriolo/

Inspired by Taskboard.