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#Because the submodule Enyim.Caching is setup to be delay signed when the private key isn't
#present, you'll need to modify the project or disable assembly verification
#to be able to use a local build. The simplest solution is to disable delay signing
#after updating your submodule. This IronPyton script is a QUICK and DIRTY solution to do that.
#Again, this script is only useful for local development when working with the source
from System.IO import StreamReader, StreamWriter
from System.Text import StringBuilder
path = r"lib/EnyimMemcached/build/CommonProperties.targets"
sr = StreamReader(path)
sb = StringBuilder()
line = sr.ReadLine()
while not line is None:
#I'm sure this could all be done in a couple of lines with a nice multi-line Regex
#All this does is comment out property groups that attempt to set signing
if line.Trim().StartsWith("<PropertyGroup") and line.Contains("PrivateKey"):
sb.AppendFormat("<!--{0}\r\n", line)
while line is not None and line.Trim() != "</PropertyGroup>":
line = sr.ReadLine()
sb.AppendFormat("{0}-->\r\n", line)
line = sr.ReadLine()
content = sb.ToString()
content = content.Replace("<DelaySign>true</DelaySign>", "<DelaySign>false</DelaySign>")
content = content.Replace("<SignAssembly>true</SignAssembly>", "<SignAssembly>false</SignAssembly>")
sw = StreamWriter(path, False)