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nodeJS / npm module to load exchange rates from the open exchange rates API (or any other service)
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Open Exchange Rates module for nodeJS/npm

Important update: This npm module will soon be updated to accept an App ID option, which will be required to access the Open Exchange Rates service. Check out the GitHub repo for more info and watch this space!


$ npm install exchange-rates

A nodeJS module that loads up-to-date currency/exchange rate data from the Open Exchange Rates (via, or any other service you specify, for use in your node scripts and apps.

Features override-able validation/parsing of raw API data, so that you can use it to load data from any service and parse/format it according to needs.

Works great with money.js (npm install money) - a tiny currency-conversion library for nodeJS (and web).

Requires http-agent

To install, type npm install exchange-rates in the terminal. Then see below.

Example Usage:

Start with this:

var exchange = require("exchange-rates");

Default - load data from

exchange.load(function() {
    // You can now use `exchange.rates`, `exchange.base` and `exchange.timestamp`

Usage with some other API:

// Custom callback function to parse the returned API data:
exchange.parse = function(data, exchange) {
    exchange.base = "USD";
    exchange.rates = parseJSON(data);
    return exchange;

// Load the API data:
exchange.load("http://mycoolwebservi.ce/api.json", function() {
    // You can now use `exchange.rates` and `exchange.base` as defined in `parse()`

// You can also set the URL globally, then just load as normal:
exchange.url = "http://mycoolwebservi.ce/api.json";

Usage with money.js:

var exchange = require("exchange-rates"),
    fx = require("money");

exchange.load(function() {
    // Apply exchange rates and base rate to `fx` object:
    fx.rates = exchange.rates;
    fx.base = exchange.base;

    // money.js is all set up:
    fx(1).from("GBP").to("USD"); // 1.586 or etc.

More Info

For more info and examples, check out the Open Exchange Rates homepage


0.1.1 - make package.json dependency list an object

0.1.0 - first version

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