An new version of Soashable that builds on the OneSocialWeb initiative, built using jQuery and StropheJS.
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Soashable OSW is a web application which builds on the OneSocialWeb initiative, 
using jQuery and StropheJS libraries. The primary motivations for its creation 

 - Create a new version of the Soashable client that is not bound by the GPL, as
   as the previous version is.

 - Give an alternative to the official OSW web application, which is written in 
   GWT, to people who would prefer not to use that tool.

 - Provide a second implementation of OSW standards to help ensure they are 
   generic enough to be implemented on multiple platforms.

Please read the doumentation from the Official OSW Web client in order to set up
the infrastructure needed to run this application:

Note that this software is provided as-is under the MIT license. Since this is 
is just a playground at this point, things are bound to break. Please feel free
to fork at any time and push some changes back if you think something I am 
doing could be better, rather than bug me about it :)

Happy Hacking.