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WIP Docker Image for Mobile Security Training and Assessments
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WIP Docker Image for Mobile Security Training and Assessments.

All of the steps were performed on a mac device, but should work fine on linux too.

Completed Features

  • SSH
  • VNC
  • JAVA
  • Android SDK + Platform + other Android tools
  • Android Emulator and AVD - ARM
  • ADB
  • Ability to ADB into Emulator running on base Mac OS
  • Drozer v2.4.4
  • Apktool v2.4.0
  • Simplify
  • APKiD
  • Kwetza

Current WIP Feature

  • Adding multiple Android Tools

Sample Build Instructions:

Use the following command to build the docker image with the provided Dockerfile

docker-compose build

Use the following command to launch the created mobilesecurity-docker container with the required port-forwarding

docker run --privileged -d -p 2222:22 -p 5901:5901  -p 5555:5555 -p 5554:5554 mobilesecurity-docker:0.1

You can use the following command to make sure that the docker container is in-fact running as expected

docker ps

Usage Instructions:

SSH Access:

Use the following command to SSH into the running container

ssh -X -p 2222 root@

The default SSH password is Dinesh@123!

VNC Access:

On a mac device, I use REALVNC to connect to this container over port 5901. The default VNC password is Dinesh@123!

ADB to Emulator running on host machine OS

  • Start Emulator on host machine OS
  • Run adb devices on host machine to find the port on which our Emulator is running
  • Run adb tcpip 5554 on host OS
  • VNC into the Docker image
  • Run adb connect in the Docker terminal to connect the Emulator running on host OS
  • Run adb shell to gain shell access
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