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This is the computational appendix for the following paper:

Ding Liu, Shi-Ju Ran, Peter Wittek, Cheng Peng, Raul Blázquez García, Gang Su, Maciej Lewenstein. Machine Learning by Two-Dimensional Hierarchical Tensor Networks: A Quantum Information Theoretic Perspective on Deep Architectures. arXiv:1710.04833, 2017.

The code uses tncontract for tensor contractions. Other dependencies are SciPy, Matplotlib, and Scikit-learn.

The data files can be downloaded from here.


  • The implementation of the tree tensor network for the MNIST dataset.

  • Plotting the t-SNE embedding.

  • Helper functions.

  • The main file to train and test the tree tensor network on MNIST.

  • The script to generate the model for t-SNE embedding.