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MQL4 redis binding based on hiredis
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MQL4 redis binding based on hiredis


This is a redis client for MQL4 based on the hiredis C client. I used Microsoft Open Tech version of the library and made some modifications to the source to make it compile on Visual Studio 2015.

The binding is non-trivial: it can handle mql4 wide strings or any binary data. It supports all redis commands, though not all commands are wrapped in a user friendly way.


The MQL4 part of the library is open sourced and licenced under GPL3. It includes the main headers and testing scripts. In Library folder, there is a precompiled dll, which is the C/C++ part of the binding. This dll wraps hiredis, and is compatible with latest MetaTrader4 terminal (32bit). The dll requires that you have the latest Visual C++ runtime (2015).

About string encoding

MQL4 strings are Win32 UNICODE strings (basically 2-byte UTF-16). In the C++ wrapper, all strings are converted to utf-8 before sending to redis.


You can find useage samples in the Scripts/Test directory. Since MQL4 is very limited as a programming language, you will find that code written with the library is a little verbose, especially you want to handle errors comprehensively.


2016-12-09: Release 0.2. Add a Redis module that implements most commonly used key management, string, hash, and connection commands.

2016-07-23: Released 0.1.

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