Applying head/tail breaks on a data with a heavy-tailed distribution
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This program is to conduct head/tail breaks on a single data array out of the following papers:

Jiang B. (2013), Head/tail breaks: A new classification scheme for data with a heavy-tailed distribution, The Professional Geographer, 65 (3), 482–494.

Jiang B. and Yin J. (2014), Ht-index for quantifying the fractal or scaling structure of geographic features, Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 104(3), 530–541.

Wiki page:

How to do:

The input data array should be in same format as one column in excel. Copy and paste the column to the input box or create a .txt file (or other formats that can also be opened by notepad) of this column and drag and drop the file in the input field. Set the division rule and click Go. The result will show up and also be copied in the clipboard automatically, which you can paste back in the excel sheet.