Blog engine written in Go (Looking for contributors)
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This project is under heavy development and is not ready for use. However, we'd love to have your contribution.

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Dingo is a full-featured blog engine written in Go.


Main Features

  • Blog Comments: Dingo has a built-in comment system.
  • Markdown Editor: You can write your post in markdown format, with a beautiful markdown editor.
  • Powerful Admin Panel: Dingo has a powerful dashboard, in which you can view various information about your blog.


$ go get

Run the Server

$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ go run main.go --port 8000


To contribute, please take a look at our roadmap to find the issue that you would like to work on.

To read the source code, please start from the URL endpoints

Admin Panel

Plase visit http://localhost:8000/signup/ to register a new user and http://localhost:8000/login/ to log into the admin panel.