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NodeJS application that consumes Dingo S3 credentials for Amazon S3 API
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Example nodejs application

This application consumes s3 credentials supplied via the dingo-s3 service broker.

Run the app

cf create-service dingo-s3 essential node-s3-example-s3
cf push --no-start
cf bind-service node-s3-example node-s3-example-s3
cf start node-s3-example

Accessing credentials

Use cf-env to access the credentials via the method require('cfenv').getAppEnv().getServiceCreds(/s3/). The method getServiceCreds(spec) must receive either the exact name or a regular expression matching the name of the service instance.

The returned structure looks like this:

  "username": "IAM_USER_NAME",
  "access_key_id": "AWS_ACCESS_KEY",
  "secret_access_key": "AWS_SECRET",
  "bucket": "BUCKET_NAME"