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Ding-integration for Ting webservices.
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css Updated with latest 1.6.x changes
js Show a popup, promoting e-books.
lib/addi-client Use owner library code when requesting MoreInfo.
modules Ensure that the list is build in ting_referenece preventing WSOD on e…
plugins Strip CVS tags.
translations Strip CVS tags.
.gitignore Setting up .gitignore.
README.mkd Added simple README.
ting-list-item.tpl.php Prevent double encoding of ting titles.
ting-list.tpl.php Strip CVS tags.
ting-tabs.tpl.php Strip CVS tags. If rank_general is set then boost is not used in the opensearch service. Include NanoSOAP as a dependency. It is used by the Ting client.
ting.install Install dependency autoload alongside NanoSOAP
ting.module Fixed bugs in boost and ranking settings pages. Autoloading addi-client as well. Fixed bugs in boost and ranking settings pages.
ting_object.tpl.php Refactored rendering of alternate material types.


Ting module for Drupal

Implements the brønd.TING API for searching the databases of DBC Open Search and its related services to enable search and display of content from brønd.TING.

Part of TING.concept.

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