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A Java based client implementation using HttpComponents for Streak(

Streak is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Sofware that integrates seamlessly with GMail and provides an excellent way to easily manage complex tasks from Customer Acquistion from a Sales perspective to simple projects like a Holiday Planning! Streak, has released its APIs to be used for customized solutions at , which can be used to get/create/update/delete items on Streak. I had not seen a Java-based implementation for Streak's API, hence decided to come up with my own solution that would help future developers to easily develop applications.

From a Java perspective, I have tried to the modules in the project implementation as cohesive as possible, with the lowest possible coupling.

1. Libraries Used:

  1. Jackson - for JSON parsing/encoding
  2. Http Components - for Querying/Adding/Deleting/Updating through HTTPS(including authentication)
  3. Maven - build script to get libraries and build a JAR file
  4. PowerMock(with JUnit & Mockito) - For Unit Testing

2. Build/Compile the project:

The 'pom.xml' for Maven is already been setup with the necessary 'maven-assembly-plugin' to create a fat-jar file.
  1. Download and install Eclipse from , if already installed skip to Step 2. below
  2. Within Eclipse, install the 'm2e' plugin for required for Maven projects
    • Open Eclipse, and navigate to 'Help' -> 'Install new Software...'
    • Enter ' ' at the 'Work With' Text box
    • Once the below Box is populated, select 'Maven Integration for Eclipse' and click 'Finish' to install m2e-plugin
  1. Set-up the 'Run-Configuration' to 'clean compile package'
  2. Use the JAR file found in : {projectDir}/target/jstreak-{}-jar-with-dependencies.jar

3. Usage:

Note: Currently the final build Jar file is not hosted on any site, it would be good if you could suggest me a site to host it, so that users can start using it directly.

You can download the compiled (fat) JAR file from my implementation Project at: Compiled JAR file for Use!
Please refer to Step 2. above, on how to build and generate the JAR file if you would like to generate it yourself.(It is really easy!)
(Coming up soon... checkout: How to use JStreakAPI for a Sample implementation!)
To be continued...