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Web-based Sound Perceptual Study

example screenshot

This perceptual study is used in our SIGGRAPH Asia paper Crumpling Sound Synthesis [Cirio et al. 2016]. The codebase is forked from Alec Jacobson's github codebase. We made a few changes so that it better supports the audio file play and stop features.

For a live demo, try this. To complete the whole study, one might take upto 30 minutes.

The following is from the orignal description.


This is nothing more than the .php/.javascript/.css/.html files we used to create the two-/four-alternative forced choice perceptual study for our Transactions on Graphics paper Ink-and-Ray: Bas-Relief Meshes for Adding Global Illumination Effects to Hand-Drawn Characters, [Sýkora et al. 2014].

I've left it in tact as a working demo, and hopeful it's obvious what to edit to customize.

It is based heavily off of code from Yotam Gingold.

To get an idea of the client-side interaction, try the live version.

On the server-side, upon completion of the survey simple plain text files of the responses in json format are generated and saved into:

/data/[experiment name]/[unique id].txt

Then you can suck out the individual data entries in batch using your favorite command line tools/scripting languages.

If your institution/government requires it, you might consider placing your IRB approval information on the first page of the survey.


SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 - Crumpling Sound Synthesis: Perceptual Study. Customizable php-based online user study forms. Four-alternative forced-choice method.







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