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A simple beautiful LaTeX theme for books, thesis.
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A simple beautiful LaTeX theme for books, thesis.

  • Demo: file main.pdf in the repository.
  • Modified by: DINH Anh-Thi.
  • This template is modified (a lot) from The Legrand Orange Book which is also a modifed version of other works.
  • This theme borrows the basic structure of TLOB but it wears a new suit which is lighter and simpler.


  1. Indexes.
  2. Glossaries.
  3. Table of content on each chapter.
  4. Algorithms.
  5. Flexibly inserting images.
  6. Boxed math equations.
  7. Boxes for theorem, definition,... environments.
  8. Beautiful table theme.
  9. Classify references into different types (books, thesis, articles)
  10. Back link to pages for the bibliography.
  11. Cover & Back cover.
  12. Multi languages.

How to use this theme?

You can build this theme just by terminal at the first compilation. After that, you can build it by normal PdfLaTeX (in TeXStudio/TeXMaker or other TeX editors). If you have any trouble in compiling, please let me know at

  • Add new chapters
    • Add new files in chapters/new-chapter.tex. Just copy the example file chap-example.tex.
    • Don't foget to include them in the main file with \subfile{chapters/new-chapter}.
  • Front matters are stored in frontmatter/.
  • All new figures are stored in figures/. You don't need to include figures/ in the path of the files. For example, if you have figures/folder1/figure1.png, you just use \includegraphics{folder1/figure1} in the file tex.


  • If you wanna make some self-defined commands, environments, add and modify them in file settings/abbreviate-math.tex.
  • If you wanna modify the styles of theorem boxes, edit file settings/theorem-style.tex.
  • If you wanna add more glossaries, edit file settings/glossaries.tex. Importance: After adding some new glossary, you have to run again command makeglossaries -s main besides other normal commands. For the ease, you compile the theme like the first time with command lines.
  • If you wanna add some new indexes, you have to run again command makeindex main.idx -s
  • If you wanna use other colors rather than the blue as I give you as a default, check the file settings/table-figure.tex, step to lines which define color tblue. Keep the name tblue but use different RBG color. You can check the RBG code of some color here.
  • Other settings
    • Bibliography & Index: settings/bib-index.tex.
    • Fonts: settings/font.tex.
    • Hyperlinks: settings/hyperlink.tex.
    • Table of content: settings/toc.tex.
    • Table of content at the beginning of each chapter: settings/mini-toc.tex.
    • General packages: settings/packages.tex.
    • Header & Footer: settings/page-header.tex.
    • Headings: settings/part-heading.tex.
    • Margin of section: settings/sec-numbering-margin.tex.
    • Tables & Figures: settings/table-figure.tex.

How to compile?

On Linux or MacOS, use following commands for the first compilation.

pdflatex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode main.tex; makeindex main.idx -s; makeglossaries -s main; biber main; pdflatex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode main.tex; pdflatex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode main.tex

On Windows, use following commands for the first compilation.

pdflatex.exe -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode main.tex && makeindex.exe main.idx -s && makeglossaries.exe -s main && biber.exe main && pdflatex.exe -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode main.tex && pdflatex.exe -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode main.tex

For both cases, if you have no more on the glossary and index (you only use the ones made from the first build), you can run only with PdfLaTeX and biber as other normal LaTeX document.

Centering headings/titles

In the case you don't like the title of thesis, chapters which are floating to the right and you want them to be at the center. Just do,

  • Copy & Overwrite files center_headings/cover.tex and center_headings/cover-eng.tex to the files who have the same name in the root folder.
  • Copy & Overwrite file center_headings/chapter-heading.tex to the file who has the same name in settings/.

Be careful, after overwriting, all contents you modified in the cover.tex and cover-eng.tex will disappear. If you have already modified these files, just compare two files and manually replace the settings lines.

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